Google GSuite

University of Pisa offers to students and staff Google GSuite cloud services. The service is offered freely by Google, and the University has no control on the service level offered by Google or its duration. University credentials are to be used to access the service and Google only receives name and login of each user. Service includes unlimited storage on Google Drive, Google apps and Google Sites.

Service Access

Service is offered to students and staff. To access the service it must be enabled by accessing

During activation the University email address that will be used to identify the user for accessing Google services will be displayed.

Once activated, it can be reached using a Web browser to access the URL

either login or, in case you are already logged in, add a new account by selecting the top right user icon. Enter the email address shown during the activation process, then proceed by entering University credentials.

Once logged in applications are accessible through the top right menu of the interface.N.B.: GMail is not and will not be activated.

Terms of use and duration

Service is regulated by University terms of University services (in Italian) and terms of use of Google GSuite. By activating the service you authorize University of Pisa to communicate to Google the information required to activate it (first and last name, principal University email address). The service is regulated by Google and in case of relevant variations users will be informed at least three months in advance.


Issues and suggestions about GSuite service can be sent to